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Paying bills from multiple entities


This article is intended for users with Business Bill Pay enabled on their Business or Corporate Edition enrollment.

When you enroll in Business Bill Pay, the default entity name and Tax ID are that of your primary Digital Banking enrollment that was indicated on your enrollment paperwork. All bills paid through online Bill Pay will reflect the primary entity's name and address as a result.

If you would like to pay bills from accounts that belong to different taxable entities, you have two options that may be right for you depending on the payment method of your billers.

  • Physical Checks are mailed to billers that have not opted into the electronic payments network. In these instances, any payments are made by printing and mailing a physical check that will have a name and address printed on the check, known as the "Check Print Address." This can be modified for each bank account enrolled in Bill Pay through a request to the Concierge Desk.
  • Electronic Payments are sent through the ACH network to billers who have opted into the electronic payments network. In these instances, your primary entity's name is sent electronically to the biller and this information cannot be modified, meaning your biller may expect a payment from Company A, but the name on the payment is Company B. While most billers will ignore this and apply the payment to the customer number or account number you specify, some billers will reject the payment if the customer information does not match their records.

Given the means of payment, there are two options for paying bills online from multiple entities:

  1. Continue with a single enrollment and request updates to the Check Print Address for certain accounts and notify your billers that any electronic payments may come from a different company name than they expect.
  2. Establish an additional Digital Banking enrollment which will allow you to create an additional Business Bill Pay enrollment that reflects the name of a separate entity.

Option 2 will also allow you to fully separate accounts for use with the Bill Pay service.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your options, please contact your Cash Management Advisor or call the Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120 and ask to be connected to a Cash Management Specialist.