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Activity center


NOTE: ‘Activity Center’ lists all user activity initiated from within Digital Banking.

  1. Select ‘Transactions’ then ‘Activity Center’.

Single Transaction

  1. Select the ‘Single Transactions’ tab on the screen to view one-time online transactions.
  2. Select the ‘Filters’ option to reveal searchable fields.
    1. Select the desired fields and then click ‘Apply’ to display the specified transactions.
    2. Select the down arrow icon above the top right corner of the filters box to download the specified transactions to a csv formatted spreadsheet.
    3. Select the printer icon to print the specified transactions.
    4. Click the star icon to assign the filtered criteria as a “favorite” for future use.
  3. Click on a listed transaction to view additional details.
  4. Select the ‘Actions’ icon to unhide a listing of available actions corresponding with the transaction.

    Recurring Transactions

    Select the ‘Recurring Transactions’ tab within the ‘Activity Center’ to view online transactions which are setup to occur in a series.

    Deposited Checks

    Select the ‘Deposited Checks’ tab within the ‘Activity Center’ to view historical checks that have been deposited using the Mobile Remote Deposit Capture functionality.
    NOTE: You must be enrolled in Mobile Remote Deposit before this tab will appear on the ‘Activity Center’ screen.