Shannon Saccocia: adapting with perspective

Chief investment officer

Shannon 9 AB 4

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Surround yourself with positive people. Finding common ground in the challenges, particularly in the last year, has been easy – but finding people who can help lift you up to face those challenges, rather than get anchored in negativity, is so important. We talk a lot about maintaining perspective, and my family, friends and colleagues help me every day to eliminate the negative.

How have the latest innovations in technology, life science and health care changed your perspective on the growth of the innovation economy over the next 5 years?

The best thing about creating a climate focused on innovation is that it lends itself to introspection, disruption and further innovation. While there are always ethical and societal challenges that come along with change, the global pandemic accelerated welcome - and likely necessary – improvements in the way we work and live, and I think innovators are only getting started. I’m particularly interested in companies that are focusing on health care delivery and access, as this has wide-ranging implications both in the developed world as well as in underserved communities in the developing world.

Are there any key industries that you feel will be further disrupted and require innovation?

As a parent, selfishly I hope that we see disruption in public education – but I think that requires a commitment to finding better ways to help our kids learn. Just as we acknowledge that our team members might work best under different management styles, kids learn differently and should be encouraged even at younger ages to pursue their interests, allowing them to grow confident in their individual strengths. Technology can help bridge the resource divide, but the solution needs to go well beyond simply improving connectivity and access – although that’s a good start.

What makes you optimistic for the future?

Inequality has always existed, but I believe that there is a real desire by many with the means to create change to focus more intently on the inequality that underpins our society. Structural challenges that stem from race, gender and income inequality translate into longer-term disadvantages that are difficult to overcome, but I believe that through collective effort, coupled with a sense of personal responsibility, we can create a better foundation for the future.

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