Protecting you and yours

Identity theft can happen despite your precautions. Prompt detection allows you to take defensive action quickly and minimize the damage.

Monitor transaction activity

Review bank and credit card activity frequently — daily if possible. Remember that you can easily review your account activity with SVB Private’s Digital Banking service.

Watch your credit report

Individuals can request a free annual credit report using AnnualCreditReport.com. Consider ordering one every four months from a different Credit Bureau to keep tabs at different points during the year and use an online credit monitoring service as an extra precaution.


Reconcile all of your bank and credit card statements in a timely fashion. Report any purchases you did not make to the bank as soon as possible.

Bring in support

Call your Private Banker immediately if you find any discrepancies or suspicious transactions on your bank statement or if you receive suspicious phone calls and emails soliciting information on your accounts.

More tips on how to protect you and your family

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