College prep for parents: A quick checklist for the legal paperwork you and your student will need this fall

The pomp, circumstance, and parties for your graduate are over. Time for a well-deserved summer break before you’re back at it again, packing up your college-bound freshman for the fall semester.

But before you head out to the lake house or beachside cottage – or take your final family vacation -- now is the perfect time to start gathering the legal documents you and your student will need this fall.

This is particularly important if your child is age 18 or older which is the “age of majority” in most states1. After this key birthday, you may no longer have access to your child’s medical or financial information unless you have explicit permission.

The checklist below lists the documents that give you that permission. Having them in place is essential to ensure your ability to assist in your child’s ongoing welfare as they enter this new phase of their lives.

College Checklist

For help with creating the legal documents you and your student will need this fall, contact your advisor.

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