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First time login to Card Manager


Take the below steps for first time enrollment in Card Manager. Note: this will only need to be performed once to get Card Manager up and running.

Step 1: Log on to the SVB Mobile App and select “Menu” in the top left.

Step 2: Choose “Card Management” from the main menu.

Choose Card Manager from the main menu

Step 3: A warning message will display stating that you will be redirected to the AppStore. Click "Yes" to continue.

Warning Message and select Yes

Step 4: Download the SVB Private Card Manager App. After it’s downloaded, select “Open”.

Download SVB Private card manager app and Open

Step 5: Choose whether to allow the app to use your location.

choose whether to allow the app use your location

Step 6:
Choose whether to allow notifications. Note: these can be configured in Settings and are recommended for timely updates on card transactions.

choose whether to allow app notifications

Step 7: Select “Sign into mobile banking app”. This will direct you back to the SVB app session.

Click Sign into mobile banking app

Step 8: Select “Card Management” from the left menu.

Select Card Management from menu

Note: you may be presented with the option to enable face id.

Step 9: Welcome to Card Manager screen displays. Select “Skip this step” to be routed directly to the card input screen.

Welcome to Card Manager then select Skip this step

Step 10: Enter your card number and click on “Next”.

Enter card number and select Next

Step 11: Complete the following verification detail screens.

  • Card verification: enter security code, address information, and expiration date, then hit "Next" 

Complete card verification details

  • User Verification: enter last four digits of your SSN and then hit "Next"

Complete user vertification

Step 12: The system will verify your card and present the Terms & Conditions as well at the Privacy Policy. Select “Agree” to proceed.

Your card has now been successfully added.

Agree to Terms and Conditions then you are all set

For more information regarding Card Manager please review Card Manager Frequently Asked Questions.