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Favorite Reports Widget


Favorite Reports Widget

A new widget is available for Corporate Users to quickly download reports directly from the Home Screen. The widget appears on the right rail for users who are entitled to reports and will display reports that have been designated as favorites.

Favorite Reports Widget

Favoriting Reports

To designate a report as a favorite, begin by selecting the “Reports” option from the main menu. Choose which reports you would like displayed in the widget by clicking on the star. These favorite reports must be run at least once in the reporting screen to appear in the widget.

Assign Favorite Reports

Using the Widget

The widget will display the first five favorite reports. If you have more than five favorites, select the right directional arrow at the bottom to access the remaining reports.

Select “view all reports” to navigate to the Reports screen.

View All Reports

To download a report, select the actions menu on the right side and choose a download format.

Download Report

Click on the down arrow to collapse the widget.

Collapse the Widget

Maintaining Widgets on the Home Screen

Widgets can be enabled/disabled on the Home Screen by navigating to “Settings” on the main menu and selecting “Home Page Preferences”.

Settings and Home Page Preferences menu options

Select preferred widgets to be displayed on the Home Screen.

Enable or Disable Widgets