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Personal wire guide


The following information is provided to our Personal Clients as a reference for how individual clients may use our wire services.

4:30pm ET / 1:30pm PT - All domestic wires submitted prior to this deadline will be processed same day. Any submissions after this deadline will be processed the next business day.

4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT - For Personal Clients only, foreign wires in USD currency will be processed when submitted prior to 4:00pm ET.

*This earlier cutoff time is due to regulatory review and holding period requirements.

3:00pm ET/ 12:00pm PT - All foreign currency wires will be processed when submitted prior to 3:00pm ET.

One-time wires can be requested at any of our Branch Office locations by using a one-time wire submission form and authorization. You do not need a pre-existing wire agreement to take advantage of this service.

Be sure to have the following information on hand when you arrive:

  • Receiving Bank Name and ABA Number
  • Beneficiary Name, Address and Account Number

If you are a Digital Banking user in the Private Client Edition, you are already able to submit domestic, USD wires online. Learn more about sending Online Domestic Wires in Private Client Edition.