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Sending domestic wires in the Private Client Edition


This article applies to Private Client Edition only.

Domestic wire transfers are already enabled within your Digital Banking profile. Please note that all wires are subject to a 4:30pm ET cutoff. Authorization for the wire must be obtained by the cutoff time on or before the selected Process Date.

To send a wire, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Transfers & Payments menu and select "Payments & Wires".
Select Menu option Payments & Wires

Step 2: Click "New Payment" and select "Domestic Wire".
Button for New Payment and Selection Domestic Wire

Step 3: In the Origination Details section, choose the Deposit Account from which you would like to send the wire. Select the Process Date that you would like the wire to process, using today's date if you would like the wire to process immediately. 
Selecting the Account and Date
Note: There is an option to create a recurring wire. Select "Set schedule" under Recurrence and choose how often the transaction should repeat and when it should stop.
Recurrence schedule options
Step 4:
Choose the Recipient/Account that you would like to send the wire to. If you have not set up any recipients, click "New Recipient".
New Recipient option in the dropdown menu

Step 5: Enter the "Display Name" for the recipient. This will be the recipient name within Digital Banking, but will not be sent to the recipient in the wire transfer. Also you can enter the recipient email address if you would like the option to generate an email notification when a wire is sent to them. 
Display name and email address fields

Step 6: Enter the Account Number at the receiving financial institution (FI).
Account number field

Step 7: Search for the Beneficiary FI by entering the FI name or the FI's ABA/Routing number. Select the appropriate FI option from the list. Keep in mind that many FI's will have multiple routing numbers and addresses depending on the receiving branch. The wire recipient/beneficiary should provide this information within their wire instructions. Once the appropriate FI is selected, the Beneficiary FI fields will automatically populate. If you elect not to use the search function, the Beneficiary FI fields can be entered manually as well.

Example of an FI search:
Example of an FI search

Populated Beneficiary FI fields:
Populated Beneficiary FI fields

OPTIONAL: If the beneficiary has provided instructions that indicate an Intermediary Bank is to be used, complete the Intermediary Bank information. Otherwise, skip this section.

Step 8: In the Recipient Details section, enter the name of the person or company you are paying in the Wire Beneficiary field as well as complete the Address fields for the recipient (their home or place of business). Click "Save Recipient".
Recipient Details screen

Note: The Recipient is saved and can be selected from the Recipient/Account list for future wires. If any updates need to be made to the Recipient, select "Recipient List" under Transfers & Payments. 
Recipient List under Transfers and Payments
There are options to Edit or Delete the Recipients as well as view Payment History for wires processed to that Recipient.
Recipient edit, delete and Payment history options
Step 9:
Enter the amount of the wire. If the recipient was set up with an email address and you would like them to be notified when the wire is sent, check off the Notify Recipient box.
Wire amount field and check box for recipient notification

OPTIONAL: If the beneficiary has provided additional instructions, use the Optional Wire Information fields for this detail:

  • Message to Beneficiary (OBI): this field will be sent along with the wire information and will inform the beneficiary as to additional instructions (for example, which customer account number to apply the funds to).  If you are wiring to a brokerage firm that uses a bank to receive funds, such as National Financial Services or Charles Schwab, enter the "For Further Credit" (FFC) information in this field to ensure that your funds are applied to the proper brokerage account.
  • Reference for Beneficiary: this field will also be sent along with the Message to Beneficiary, however some banks do not pass the information on to the beneficiary, so only use it if you are instructed to do so.
  • Description: use this field as an internal "memo" so that you have a description of the wire payment's purpose. It will not be sent with the wire and will only appear for you within Digital Banking.
Optional Wire Information dropdown
Optional Wire fields

Step 10: Click Approve if you wish to send the wire immediately. There is also the option to Draft if you want to have the wire set up but are not ready to send it yet. Drafted wires will reside in the Activity Center and must be approved on or before the Process Date.
Approve button
You will be presented with options to choose available SMS-enabled phone numbers for a one-time-pin code to be sent to your mobile phone to authorize the wire. Choose the desired phone number.
Secure Access code number selection screen

If no phone numbers appear, click Draft on the wire to save the information, then proceed to Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery to enter an SMS-enabled phone number. Then return to the Activity Center to find the drafted transaction to Approve. Sending online wires requires that you have an SMS-enabled phone.

Step 11: In the box on the screen, enter the 8-digit code that was sent to the number chosen and click Verify. Your wire will now process on the chosen process date.
Secure access code screen
A Transaction Approved message will display.
Transaction Approved Message

For additional questions and help, please call our Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.