Jon Schwartz

Jon Schwartz is a senior portfolio manager for SVB Asset Management (SAM) based in the San Francisco Bay Area where he and his team are responsible for the development and execution of the investment strategy, security selection and risk management of client portfolios. He is passionate about engaging with clients to understand their goals and financial needs. Helping clients achieve their goals and building client relationships are what Jon finds most gratifying. He strives to form lasting relationships with clients and to earn their trust.

Prior to joining SVB, Jon has over 17 years of experience in the finance industry which includes roles at Wells Fargo Bank on the interest rate derivative trading desk, the Asset Liability Management group and Investment Portfolio group. In his last role with the Wells Fargo Bank Investment Portfolio Group, he was on the macro strategy team, which establishes the investment strategy for the bank’s investable assets. His focus was on hedging interest rate and FX risk for the portfolio as well as establishing investment strategies for municipal and corporate bonds, CMBS, MBS and CLOs. Jon earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Jon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two kids. He enjoys skiing, golf and biking, but when he’s not in the office, there’s a great chance that you will find him kiteboarding on the San Francisco Bay.
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