Book & podcast recommendation series

Crisis Of The Middle Class Constitution

The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution
by Ganesh Sitaraman

“Civics is one area of social science which is constantly changing, and the author argues that as our country has grown and matured, we have perhaps lost touch with what made us mavericks in the first place.”
Recommended by Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer

How I Built This


Podcast: How I Built This
with Guy Raz

“This is my favorite podcast, hands down. It is so interesting and inspiring to hear directly from founders about their journey. We all see the success when it is in the media, but the grit that is needed to build something great is where the real story lies.”
Recommended by Ash Daggs, Senior Relationship Manager

The Act Of Will


The Act of Will
by Roberto MD Assagioli

This is Dr. Roberto Assagioli’s second book about Psychosynthesis, a psychological system he formulated. This book picks up where he left off and highlights the importance of will and the process of willing when it comes to the psychological development and inclinations of a person.
Recommended by Sofia Sunaga from Intergen Family, a Thriving in the Present Future webinar speaker


Stuff You Should Know

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know
with Josh and Chuck

“It’s fascinating and you learn some really cool things that you wouldn’t normally research on your own.”
Recommended by Hannah Corderman, a recent participant in SVB Private’s Mentorship and Preparedness Program (MAPP)

The Psychology Of Money


The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel

“Attitudes about money and wealth vary widely from person to person, and in this book, Morgan walks through how we are shaped by our experiences – and what we can do to flip the script and achieve financial happiness.”

Recommended by Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer



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