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Split payroll payments

  1. Select the ‘Transfers & Payments’ menu and then select ‘Payments & Wires’.
    Transfer and payments select payments and wires
    NOTE: The ‘Split Payments’ option is only available for Payroll transactions.
  2. Three options are available.
    1. Click ‘New Payment’ and select ‘the ‘Payroll’ option to create a new payroll transaction.
      New payment menu select payroll
    2. Click ‘Create Template’ and select the ‘Payroll’ option to create a new payroll template.
      Create template menu select payroll
    3. Click the ‘template actions’ icon and select ‘Edit’ to work with an existing Payroll
      View template action menu option
  3. Select the desired recipient’s primary account from the drop down list of existing recipients.
    Select Recipients
  4. Enter total dollar amount of the payroll transaction.
    Enter dollar amount of payroll item
  5. Click the ‘Show payment actions’ icon and select the ‘Split Payment’ option.
    Show payment actions split payment
  6. Select the recipient’s secondary account from the drop-down list.
    Select Recipient second account
  7. Enter the desired dollar amount to be allocated to the secondary account.
    NOTE: The dollar amount allocated to the primary account will be automatically reduced in accordance with the total dollar amount of the payroll transaction.
    Enter amount to secondary account