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RDC - remote deposit capture user guide


Overview of the RDC service

The Remote Deposit Capture service uses a combination of one or more scanning devices, each connected to a Mac or PC running a local application, and a hosted web-service that can remotely control the scanner.

You can login to the web service through the Digital Banking platform where you can create a deposit batch, capture and validate the images and process the deposits directly to your connected account(s).

Download the User Guide [PDF] >

Included in the user guide:

  1. Making Deposits
  2. Analytics
  3. Managing Users

Before you begin

First time users will need to install the Scanner Service that allows your Mac or PC to use the scanning device. Please contact SVB Private at (888) 322-2120 to schedule an installation, which can be performed remotely with your authorization.

Cutoff times

  • Deposited checks will memo post intraday, so you will see your deposited items as pending transactions within minutes of confirming the deposit.
  • Any items deposited before 9:00PM EST will be available next day.

Getting help

RDC is supported by the Cash Management team, which can be reached through the Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120 and asking for Cash Management.