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Bill Discovery makes payments simple, smart and fast


Bill Discovery makes bill paying more convenient

Paying your bill is simpler, smarter and faster with Bill Discovery.

  • Simple: Bill Discovery removes the friction and manual aspects of adding bills to your Online Bill Pay account.
  • Smart: After you provide your initial consent, we identify the bills available to pay in our biller network.
  • Fast: Once you make your selections from our recommended bills, payment details are added to your account. You may update your payment details at any time.

Online Bill Pay is available to SVB Private digital banking clients using the online and mobile banking platforms. With a single password and place for all your bills, you can easily pay (or schedule) your bill payments.

Enrolling in Bill Discovery is easy

When you log in to Online Bill Pay, you will see a prompt to “Add My Bills Now” at the top of the Payment Center page.

  1. Select ‘Add my Bills Now’ or ‘Add a Company or Person’ to open Bill Discovery.
  2. Click ‘Find My Bills’ Tab.
  3. Select the boxes ‘Bills from our biller network’ and ‘Your credit report’ to provide consent to find your bills within Online Bill Pay.
    Please Note: Choosing to access the consumer credit report will not affect your credit score.
  4. Then click the ‘Find My Bills’ button.
  5. Once you provide consent, the system will supply a list of bills.
  6. From the list, select which bills you would like to add to your Online Bill Pay account.
  7. Then, click ‘Add’ to complete the task.
    1. Your newly selected bills will be displayed in the ‘Payment Center’ where you can easily pay and/or set up AutoPay or eBill.
    2. Some billers will also provide bill due information, which will display in the ‘Bills Due’ mini-module. You may dismiss this information or pay from this section.

Alerts and reminders

Bill Discovery allows you to create alerts and reminders.

  • Bill Discovery will search for additional bills on an ongoing basis.
  • If new bills are found, you will receive an email to add your new bill.
  • You may also receive a “next billing statement” email with the bill due details and the option to pay your bill.