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Positive pay - how to include business bill pay paper checks


Positive pay service with business bill pay

Business Bill Pay service initiates payments either electronically or via paper check. If paper checks are issued from the SVB Private account and there is Positive Pay on the account, those checks will need to be uploaded into Positive Pay.

Bill pay checks – bill pay initiates check payments in two different ways.

  • Single Checks: Checks that are electronically debited from the SVB Private account on the day the bill payment is created. These checks are issued off the bill pay vendor’s account. The ACH debit can be viewed on the account activity in Digital Banking. If there are questions regarding the status of these checks, like whether they are paid or outstanding, please contact the Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.
  • Draft Checks: Similar to checks written from your checkbook, these checks will be issued on your behalf and will go through the normal clearing channels and presented for payment at SVB Private. These checks will reflect on your account as a regular check and images are viewable in Digital Banking.

Positive pay check file upload

  • Single checks: These checks will not need to be uploaded in the positive pay system. The payments are posted as an ACH debit on your account.
  • Draft Checks: These checks will need to be uploaded in the positive pay system.

How do I get the check number?

  • Enter your own check numbers: Bill Pay allows you to enter a check number when creating a payment. This is done by entering in the Amount next to the biller you want to pay, then selecting Make Payments. The payment screen allows you to enter a four digit check number. The actual check number that appears on your check will be preceded by “99”. For example if the check number you entered is 2345, then the actual check number will be 992345. You should upload check number 992345 into positive pay.

Note: Recurring payments will not allow you to enter your own check numbers

  • Retrieve check numbers assigned by Bill Pay: If Bill Pay assigns your check numbers, you must log into Bill Pay 2 to 3 days before the payment date and retrieve the check number. Go to Bill History and select View Detail under Actions. The draft checks will display check numbers. The actual check numbers will be preceded with “99” and must be uploaded to positive pay with the 99 followed by the Bill Pay check number.