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Notify recipients of a processed payment


If you would like to alert your recipients that a payment is on the way, the Digital Banking platform can do so for you based on the email address that you enter into the Recipient record in the Recipient List.

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In the Recipient record, enter a valid email address next to the Display Name. This will make the recipient eligible to receive notifications on single payments.

Check the "Send email notifications for template payments" option which will force a notification to the the recipient each time they are paid through a template. If you do not check this box, the recipient cannot be notified on template payments.
Recipient email send notification for template payment

Toggling notifications on single payments

If an email address exists on a recipient that you add to a single payment, you will have the option to enable notifications.


If "Send email notifications for template payments" is unchecked on the recipient, notifications are NOT enabled by default and must be toggled manually for each payment.
If "Send email notifications for template payments" is checked, then notifications ARE enabled by default, but can be disabled manually.

On the payment, click on the recipient entry to expand the view (or use the "three dot" menu to expand or set notifications) as shown below.
recipient detail notify recipient checkbox

Example Notification Email

Notifications that are sent will appear as follows and be sent from

sample email notification message