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Corporate information reporting


Reports setup process

Step 1: On the main menu, select "Reports".

Select Reports from the menu

Step 2: Click the "New Report" link and select the desired report from the list.

Select Create report

Step 3: Indicate whether the report is Private or Shared. Private reports are only viewable by the user who creates them. Shared reports are viewable by any user in the same user role as the person who created the report.

Step 4: Designate the desired name for the report.

Step 5: Indicate which accounts need to be included in the report if the report type is associated with account information.

  • Click the "All Accounts (#)" box to include all available accounts in the report.
  • Click the "Select specific account(s)" link to choose individual accounts to be included in the report.
Complete report details
  • Select the accounts to be included in the report. 
Select specific accounts to be in the report

Step 6: Select the date(s) to be included in the report.

  • Select one of the dynamic date range options. (A rolling date range that shifts in accordance to the current day).
Select date range

  • Or choose a custom date range for the report.
custom date range

NOTE: Information can be pulled as far back as the oldest transaction that exists within Online Banking for the respective account(s).

Step 7: Click "Create" to save the report in the report list or "Create and Run" to save the report and run it immediately.

Report ran successfully message

Step 8: The report will show as either ‘Queued’ or ‘In Progress’ while being generated. Depending on your reporting time period and number of included accounts, the report may take up to 5 minutes to run. Refresh your browser window to see the most current run status.

shows report creation status

Step 9: The available download format(s) for the report will display once the report has been generated. Click on the desired option.

Download options

Step 10: Click the "Actions" icon to display additional options including View History, Run Now, Edit and Delete.
Actions menu options