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Closing an account


You may place a request to close an account from within Digital Banking to streamline the process of transferring any remaining funds. Please note that all account closure requests are verified by phone to confirm the information received.

NOTE: Corporate edition users with advanced entitlements

Note that User Roles are not entitled to use the Close an Account feature by default. Company Administrators will need to enable the ability to close an account for select User Roles from Administration > Manage User Roles and selecting the "Features" tab, then enabling the "Enable Account Closure Request" feature.

To request that an account be closed:

Step 1: Login to Digital Banking and go to Requests > Close an Account from within the menu.

Step 2: Specify the account to close and choose a Delivery Method:

  • Transfer Funds will allow you to select an existing account to transfer any remaining funds to.
  • Mail Check will allow you enter an address to which a check with remaining funds should be sent. Checks will be made out to the enrollment name on file.

Step 3: Enter some information regarding the reason for closing the account.

Step 4: Enter any additional comments you would like to be sent to your Relationship Manager regarding instructions for closing the account.

Step 5: Press Submit and confirm the details.

You will receive a Secure Message from within your Digital Banking Inbox confirming the details of your request. Please expect a phone call from your Relationship Manager or a Concierge Desk Representative within 1-2 business days to confirm details regarding the closure of the account.