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ACH custom file import mapping


Creating a custom file import mapping that includes addenda information

Users can create custom mapping to import their ACH files in .csv format. The required fields are: ACH Name, Account Number, Routing Number, Account Type and Amount. In addition, other fields may be mapped, such as: ACH ID, Addenda, Email and Display Name.

Step 1: Go to Transfers and Payments – Payments & Wires. Transfer and payments select payments and wires

Step 2: Select New Payment and choose an ACH Payment type.Select new payment then ACH payment

Step 3: Select Upload From File.

Select Upload From File

Step 4: Click on New Mapping. The system will prompt you to browse for your file.Select New Mapping

Step 5: Select the type of data separator your file contains and click continue.

Select the data separator file contains and click continue

Step 6: The data from your file will appear in columns. Select the appropriate field names from the System Field dropdown. When all fields are ready, click Continue.

Map each field and continue

Step 7: Choose to save and name the mapping instruction. It can be made Private or Shared for others to use. Click Finish.

Add mapping name then choose share or private

If the File Mapping was saved, it will appear in the list to use when uploading as shown below:Saved mapping listed