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Positive Pay Widget


The Positive Pay Widget has been added to Digital Banking for Positive Pay users to easily view and make exception decisions from the Home Page. The widget is presented on the right side rail and displays the total number of exception items and total dollar amount at the bottom. Use the arrows to page through the exceptions if there are more than four items.

 Positive Pay widget on the right rail

Select the three dots to display the options: 
1 - Decide on Exceptions
2 - View Exception Details
Options in the Widget

Deciding on Exceptions
Decide on Exception opens an option to:
1 - Pay
2 - Return

Deciding on the exception

If either Pay or Return is selected, the option to Clear that decision appears. Clear will deselect the decision that was just clicked on. If you wish to pay the item then simply select Pay and then Submit Decision.
Submit decision
The system displays a confirmation that the exception was paid.

Confirmation that the Exception was paid

To return to the Digital Banking Home page after the decision is confirmed, click on:
1 - Close
2 - X in the upper right corner

close out of the decision screen

If the decision is to Return then a reason must be selected from the dropdown list.

Return reason dropdown list

Select the appropriate return reason and then Submit Decision. The system will display a confirmation that the exception was returned.

Exception returned confirmation
Adding ACH Rules

If Pay is selected for an ACH exception, there is an option to add an ACH rule if you are entitled for that capability. Select +Add ACH Rule to open the rule box.
Add an ACH rule

The options are prefilled with the transaction details but can be updated according to your needs. Editable fields are:
1 - SEC Code
2 - Transaction Type
3 - Company ID
4 - Max amount
Setting up the rule

The system will display a confirmation when the rule has been added.
confirmation that the rule is added
Viewing the Exception Details
Select View Exception Details to be directed to the Positive Pay screen within Digital Banking.
view exception details option

Depending on your entitlements, there are options to make exception decisions, add a single check or submit an issued check file. You can also Launch Advanced Options which will direct you to the Positive Pay home screen for more advanced search and reporting capabilities within Positive Pay.
Positive Pay screen in digital banking
Enabling/Disabling the Widget

Corporate users can enable/disable the Positive Pay widget by selecting Home Page Preferences under Settings
Home Page Preferences screen

Select the Positive Pay option to enable or disable the widget.
disabling the widget