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With digital banking, your token is only for payment approvals
This notice applies to all Secure Token users, either physical device tokens or Symantec VIP App soft token users.

Starting on Wednesday, November 13th, you will only need to use your Symantec Token when you’re approving payments. Payments awaiting approval will be found in the Activity Center. When you select “Approve” on any payment, you will be prompted to enter the current code from your linked token to complete the approval action. Learn more about the Payment Approval Process.

Use Your Existing Token – your existing token, either the physical device or the Symantec VIP Mobile App, will work with Digital Banking.

Single Token Support – if you currently use multiple tokens with the same Access ID, only a single token will be linked to your new profile. If you have a soft token, the most recently linked Credential ID will be used. Otherwise, the most recently linked hard token Credential ID will be used. Note that you can use the same Credential ID across multiple Access IDs as you do today if you log in to multiple online banking enrollments.

Obtaining a Token – if you or any other user needs to obtain a new token, please follow the instructions within the Using Soft Tokens with Digital Banking help article that explains how to download the Symantec VIP mobile app and request that your Credential ID be linked to your Digital Banking profile.