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Paycheck protection program update

We are now accepting applications for the next round of the Paycheck Protection Program.

If you intend to apply for a second PPP Loan you will need to enter the SBA Loan Number and Amount from your first draw PPP Loan on your application. To locate this information login to the portal and follow these steps:

  • Select Dashboard
  • Find your first draw PPP loan under “Your Products” on the right hand side of the page
  • Select the down caret to display the loan information
  • Your SBA Loan Number and Loan Amount will be displayed

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In order to apply, SVB Private requires that you are a business banking client with a SVB Private deposit account open in the name of the applicant business as of January 1, 2021.

In preparation for applying please review the documentation you will need to provide here. It is very important that you have all the necessary documents prepared when you are ready to submit.

If you are a first time applicant we have created an overview of what you need to know here. If you are applying for a second time we have also created an overview of the process here.

As always, resources and updates on the Paycheck Protection Program can be found on our webpage here.