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Digital banking june 24 release notes

Fixes and enhancements applied

Private client edition

New features

  • The Cash Flow PFM Widget has been added, allowing you to view your cash flow history based on actual transaction data and project your cash flow in the future by adding anticipated income and expenses. When you first open the widget, you'll be presented with auto-detected recurring transactions based on your transaction history, including paychecks, interest deposits, dividend payments, utility bills and mortgage or rent payments. You may also add manual payments any time for greater accuracy. [DB-175]
  • All PFM widgets have been optimized for mobile display and are now available for use within the Digital Banking mobile applications on iOS and Android. Now you can track spending and modify transaction categories on the go. [DB-174]

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Business and corporate edition


  • Fixed an issue where Safari users reported that they were unable to access Business Bill Pay due to cross-site tracking being blocked. URL's for the Business Bill Pay service were updated to use subdomains so that cookies are issued as first party instead of third party that confuse browser security into blocking the single-sign-on. [DB-5]
  • Since internal Funds Transfers do not require approval for processing, we have removed the “Draft and Approve” options from the create Transfer and Multi-Transfer screen in Corporate Edition, and replaced it with “Transfer Funds” to present a more intuitive option. [DB-164]

All editions

New Features