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Business online banking - fall enhancements

If you have ACH entitlements the Cash Management landing page in business online banking is getting some small enhancements this fall, including:

New tabbed navigation by transfer type

If you have wire privileges, two additional tabs will now display on the Cash Management landing page - Pending Wires and Wire History. These new tabs will allow you to better view pending wires, and search for previous wires.

Cash Mgmt

Pending ACH tab & color coded status

All pending batches regardless of batch type will display on the Pending ACH tab. The default view is ascending effective date order and you can easily view the different status by color.

Color Code

Enhanced search filtering & inline approvals

You can now search for ACH batches using a unified advanced search, filter by date and type, and take action on transfers right in the list.


Bulk actions

Bulk actions will now be allowed on common batch types. Within the new menu you can now select multiple batches and apply a bulk action, as long as the batch type (approve, cancel, delete, etc.) is the same.

Bulk Actions

If the batch type is different and you attempt to apply a bulk action you will receive an error message. These batches will need to be completed separately.