We’re making digital banking more secure for private clients


New security features are being added to protect your accounts.

We are adding an extra layer of security using the latest in machine learning to detect fraudulent logins.

High-risk profile changes

Starting on Thursday, October 10th, you may notice that we will ask you to verify your identity when making high-risk changes to your Digital Banking profile, including:

  • Changing where your Secure Access Codes (SAC) are sent
  • Disabling certain alert types
  • Adding or editing additional users

Suspicious login detection

Our new security features will also detect unusual logins from your registered devices. If you login from a new network, new location or a non-typical time of day, you may be asked to verify your identity even if you’ve previously registered the device. This measure of security helps prevent device spoofing and protects you in the event that your device is stolen.

Identity verification will consist of the delivery of a Secure Access Code (SAC), similar to that which you use when logging in from a new, unregistered device.

To manage your mobile phone numbers and email addresses that SACs can be sent to, go to Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery. We recommend that you have at least two SAC Delivery points set up.

If you have questions about these added security measures, please call the Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.