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Have bill pay find your bills automatically

Let bill pay find and add your bills automatically with bill discovery

We're excited to introduce Bill Discovery - the latest enhancement to our digital banking platform that will help make setting up bill pay billers even easier.

Bill Discovery is available for Private Client Edition only.

Paying your personal bills is simpler, smarter, and faster with Bill Discovery.

  • Simple: Bill Discovery makes adding bills to Bill Pay easy.
  • Smart: Intuitive technology finds the companies you're already paying.
  • Fast: Add your bills to Bill Pay without entering all of your account information.

Enrolling in bill discovery is easy

Bill Pay and Bill Discovery are available to you now. To get started, log on to Digital Banking and your Online Bill Pay account. You will be prompted to enroll in Bill Discovery by selecting "Add My Bills". If you would like to enroll or have additional questions, please call our Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.