Guard yourself against fraud


SVB Private has been made aware that suspicious calls (voice phishing) and text messages have been made to clients impersonating the Concierge Desk and the Fraud Department. The purpose of the calls and texts is to obtain your identity, digital banking username or password, debit card details or account information by phone. Be suspicious when receiving a phone call if the Caller ID or automated voice appears to be from SVB Private and asks you to confirm account details.

SVB Private will never ask you in an email, text message or phone call to give us personal information such as:

  • Full Social Security Number
  • Digital Banking Username
  • Temporary Access Codes for Digital Banking

If you received a suspicious phone, text or email message and provided personal or financial information, contact us immediately at 1-888-322-2120, option 2.

Our goal is to protect your personal and financial information from fraud. Please be vigilant about any calls or texts and never click on suspicious email links.