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Digital banking may 13 release notes

Fixes and enhancements applied

Shared features (All editions)


  • Fixed issue where, when a user used the Tab key to move through a calendar, the browser stopped responding.
  • Added a Back to Security Preferences option to the Passcode and Touch ID/Fingerprint enrollment pages.
  • Fixed an issue where, when a user searched for a specific date in the Deposit Check History widget, the search did not work correctly.

Home screen & account details

  • Fixed an issue where users received an error message when they tried to sort account cards.
  • Fixed an issue on the Nicknames dialog box where long account names overlapped the account number.
  • Improved the accessibility of the Export menu on the Account Details page for use with screen readers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Posted date on the Account History page incorrectly displayed the user's time zone rather than the FI's time zone.
  • Fixed an issue where printing the Transactions tab in portrait page layout with filters visible resulted in the filter fields being cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where negative balances on a line of credit incorrectly displayed as a positive value on account cards on the Home page.

Transfers & activity center

  • New alert message: Currently, when a user edits a recurring transfer that has already been processed for the current business day, another transfer transaction will be processed on the same day. For this scenario, users will now receive the following message before they complete their transfer: "A transaction has already processed for today. Updating this recurring transfer will process a second transaction for today. To prevent multiple transactions, select a future start date."
  • Previously, users could cause their transfer requests to fail if they navigated away from the Funds Transfer confirmation window before the request had completed processing. Now, the loading spinner has been replaced with a progress indicator to prevent users from navigating away from the confirmation window.
  • The Activity Center's filter box has been updated to have a light gray background and black text labels, instead of a dark gray background with white text labels. This update was made to correct a display issue for the Start Date and End Date field labels. The light gray background, as opposed to the white background used in Account Details, was chosen to provide a better visual distinction between the check boxes within the Activity Center's custom view and the transaction list itself.
  • Fixed an issue on the Funds Transfer page where, if the user only had two accounts and selected one from the From Account field, they could not select the other account unless they refreshed the page.
  • Fixed an issue where the content for the Amount field did not clear and populate with the correct decimal placement when users tabbed into the Amount field and entered a numeric value, then tabbed out and back in, and then entered a new dollar amount.

Private client edition

  • Fixed an issue where categories for split transactions did not save.
  • Added a new Financial Tools Settings page, located under the Settings menu, that allows users to unenroll from Financial Tools. After selecting Unenroll from Financial Tools, a confirmation page displays that explains the impact of unenrolling. After the user confirms, the system unenrolls the user and removes all corresponding CPFM data.
  • Fixed an issue where the "View all Bills" button on the Home Screen would not work if the user had previously closed a Bill Pay session.

Business/Corporate features

  • The Transaction Type now displays in the details of ACH transactions on the Positive Pay page. The transaction type can be Credit or Debit.

Corporate payments

  • The Schedule Recurring Transactions modal window includes new options: l Payments can be set to occur Daily (Monday - Friday). l The number of recurrences can be specified.
  • Fixed an issue where foreign exchange rates were not being retrieved during a wire file upload that included foreign currency. This issue affected the File Mapper feature when used with either the FX Wires Batch (Standard) or FX Wires Batch (Tiered) features.
  • Fixed an issue where Same Date for All did not automatically populate when using File Mapper to upload wire transfers from a CSV file.
  • Fixed an issue where foreign currency amounts were inaccurately formatted when viewing transaction details in the Activity Center.
  • Fixed an issue where the Beneficiary FI name field did not truncate content to 35 characters (the FedWire limit) when populating from the RTN Lookup feature.
  • An end user can now close the Recipient/Account section on the Payments page by selecting it. Previously, the Collapse Row option from the Actions menu ( ) was the only method available to collapse the section.
  • Fixed an issue where the first page printed blank when printing details on transactions with a large numbers of recipients.
  • Fixed an issue in the ACH batch template where using the + Add multiple recipients option failed to enable the template's Save button.
  • The Wire Activity filter/search box has been updated to have a light gray background and black text labels, instead of a dark gray background with white text labels. This change was originally made for Activity Center (UUX-31313) to correct a display issue for the Start Date and End Date field labels. An identical change was made to the Wire Activity filter/search box to maintain a consistent user experience.

Corporate entitlement management

  • The Accounts element within the Allowed Actions tab has been updated so that accounts are no longer filtered out based on view-only permissions when Stop Payment is the transaction type.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Manage User Roles page to run off the right side of the screen when viewed on mobile devices.
  • The transfer Accounts element within Advanced Entitlement's Allowed Actions has been updated to now display as two elements: From Account and To Account. In order to effectively migrate and manage this change, all CSRs and end users will experience a new opt-in workflow on the Transfer > Allowed Actions page. Until the opt-in is completed, the allowed actions for transfer cannot be edited. Users will receive a notification that the allowed actions have changed and can then select the Enable To Accounts button, enabling the new rule term. If there were allowed actions set for the account, users will be prompted to choose to copy those allowed accounts into both the To Accounts and From Accounts allowed actions. Once they make a selection, Allowed Actions will become selectable once again.

Corporate reports

  • Added the ability to select the current date within a custom date range when creating or editing Information Reports.
  • Fixed an issue in Information Reports where, when an account did not have a nickname or account description, the product type or product name did not display as the account name.