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SVB Signature Research provides the data and analysis to help you understand how industries and investors are driving change,
and how your business can benefit.

After an unpredictable 2017, most startups say they plan to hire in 2018, expect M&A activity to stay strong and say venture capital remains their go-to source for startup capital.
SVB’s third quarter report covers how a robust market for IPOs have bolstered M&A activity, and, in light of recent global events, explores the next stage of Chinese innovation.
In our mid-year update on healthcare investing, we analyzed the fundraising, investment, M&A and IPO activity of venture-backed biopharma, medical device and diagnostic/tools companies.
The SVB Asset Management Economic Report is a quarterly review and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our Q3 edition discusses central bank policies shaping the yield curve and economic growth potentials. Additionally, we look into the U.S. and global economies as the synchronized growth story shows signs of fatigue.
In this 17th annual State of the Wine Industry report, Rob McMillan writes that successful wineries 10 years from now will be those that adapted to a different consumer with different values — a customer who interacts with retailers in digital ways, has less discretionary income than their generational predecessors yet understands and consumes premium wine.
In the latest edition, our experts provide an update on the life science and healthcare sector and discuss the evolving role of non-traditional and mega-rounds investors.
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