Increasingly, SVB's customers are asking for ways to interact with the bank in a high-speed, automated, fashion–via API. This is no surprise–we bank a considerable portion of fintech startups in the United States. Just as this makes us the bank of the innovation economy, APIs are its lingua franca and customers want to bank over them.

With API banking we aim to deliver a set of services that allow our customers to interact with the bank securely, programmatically, at high speed and with little (or no) manual intervention. Whether these are smartphone applications, Saas tools, or next generation e-commerce companies, we want to help automate their banking needs. We also want the developer experience of doing so to be a world-class one.

Check back frequently over the next coming months as we release API banking products and share more about our roadmap. Also sign up so we can notify you as more products are released, or if you want to join our beta program.


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