• Commercial Banking

  • Commercial Banking Made Personal

    In a tough market everyone needs to work harder to see results. For Silicon Valley Bank, a comprehensive and results driven commercial banking service is just our starting point. We make it personal.

    Our niche industry focus allows us to quickly understand your goals and provide the appropriate support for you; wherever you want to take your business. Our team of industry experts understand the specific risks you are exposed to and the solutions needed to manage your cash and working capital.

    Financing Your Business

    Finding the capital to grow your business can be challenging, in spite of holding a healthy balance sheet. Silicon Valley Bank's financing solutions are designed to exploit your working capital and make your cash work harder for you. 

    Managing Your Cash

    The switched on technology, life science, cleantech, private equity or venture capital business is always looking for more secure and creative cash management solutions to exploit their working capital, while optimising their cash flow. Silicon Valley Bank's cash management services are designed to do just that, with the support of an experienced and well connected client advisory service team.

    Managing Your Risk

    Risk is a natural part of doing business. No business is without risk and each business has a different risk appetite. As an innovative business, you need a commercial banking partner to help you to design a risk strategy based on your appetite, not ours. Silicon Valley Bank's risk management offering is designed to help you to understand and mitigate your exposure to foreign currency and interest rate fluctuations. We do not avoid risk; we simply help your business to manage it.