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    An integrated approach

    Fraud prevention should be an integral part of every company’s business strategy. It’s not just about stopping the bad guys; it’s about enabling your business to grow and evolve without unwanted — and costly — interruptions. SVB offers preventative tools, services and guidance to help you mitigate your risk of fraud.

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    Our experts can assess your current situation and lay out steps to help mitigate risks across your business. Contact your Relationship Manager or Global Treasury and Payments Advisor to learn more.

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    Education leads to action

    Fraud is one of the most serious challenges businesses face today. Yet prevention measures are often overlooked or undervalued. As digital and mobile technologies play an increasing role in our daily activities, fraudsters have more opportunities than ever before. Regardless of niche, size or revenue, your company is vulnerable to wire and transaction fraud, malicious online attacks, imposter fraud, and many other forms of theft.

    1 Association for Financial Professionals, 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 2014. The Association for Financial Professionals and Silicon Valley Bank are unaffiliated companies.