Mortgage Lending

Flexible mortgages designed to make residential financing more convenient

Whether it’s a first home, vacation residence or investment property, we provide mortgage lending solutions tailored to the unique needs of innovation economy pioneers.
Mortgage lending made simple
A more convenient way to finance residential real estate

Experience greater flexibility, less complex requirements and knowledgeable underwriters when you work with lending advisors who specialize in innovation economy financing.

Designed for a wide range of property types and values

Our broad selection of loan programs remain on our balance sheet, offering you more flexibility and convenience.

Ensuring your financing suits your preferences

Our team of lending advisors takes the time needed to be sure your mortgage aligns with all your financial objectives.

Experience greater flexibility with a portfolio lender

Since we do not sell our mortgages on the secondary market, we’re able to offer you common sense underwriting and provide more nimble prequalifications, approvals and closings.

The benefits of maximizing deductible interest expenses

See how lending structures and terms can impact a borrower's bottom line.

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Residential mortgage options for foreign nationals

If you’re a foreign national professional relocating to the U.S., contact us to see how we might be able to help.

Speak with an SVB Mortgage Advisor for complete details.

How we service your mortgage
We retain your mortgage in our portfolio in order to offer you greater flexibility and enhanced service.
Larger mortgages

We specialize in large size (jumbo and super jumbo) mortgages for primary and secondary homes that offer competitive rates with fixed and adjustable rate terms.

Interest-only loans

Enjoy lower monthly payments while managing the timing of principal pay-downs. For borrowers whose income is heavily based on fluctuating distibutions, interest-only loans may be a convenient option.

Short-term financing

Before selling your existing home, access its equity when financing a new primary home purchase.

Delayed purchase financing

When markets move quickly and you purchase a property in cash, finance the property and regain access to cash as well as a potential tax deductibility.

Non-traditional loans for condominium projects

We provide mortgages on new and existing condo projects that may not be approved for traditional financing

Home equity lines of credit

Tap the equity in your home to finance expenses and investments or consolidate/manage debt.

Properties held by trusts and other entities

The ability to lend to LLC borrowers and/or hold properties in trusts or LLCs.

Community Homeowner Programs

Our specialized loan programs and services are designed to help low- and moderate-income families attain and sustain homeownership – often with reduced interest rates and closing costs.

Finding the perfect seasonal residence

Six critical factors to consider before adding to your real estate portfolio.

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While you’re creating the future, we’re helping your finances move forward. 

Keeping pace with change means being prepared. We can help. SVB Private serves today’s innovators and investors like you to develop a fresh, holistic approach to your financial life and legacy.

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We’re here to build a collaborative partnership.

Communication and connectivity are at the heart of everything we can accomplish together.

Get to know us

Individuals and families are different

We collaborate to arrive at a deep understanding of what drives you. With a holistic approach, we can help you grow and protect your wealth and legacy at every stage of your journey by considering your complete picture.

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All extensions of credit are subject to underwriting, credit and property approval. Not all products are available in all states or for all loan amounts. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed an invitation or offer to apply. .