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  • Meet the Women behind the Numbers

    Women hold influential positions in technology sectors around the world, but there’s clearly room for more women in the C-suites and the boardrooms of the world’s most innovative companies. In our Innovation Economy Outlook 2014 survey of 1,200 executives worldwide, 46% of respondents said their companies had women in executive or board positions. That means 54% don’t.

    What’s the real story behind the data? To find out, we asked female executives from the innovation sector to talk about the challenges they face and the insights they’ve gained along the way. Watch the videos below to learn more about their perspectives, read their bios and see our findings on Women in Technology Leadership.

      See our Innovation Economy Outlook 2014 Findings

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  • Watch the Videos

    Getting into Tech

    Women in Technology Leadership Video: Getting into tech
    Things to think about when considering a career in technology

    Being a Leader

    Women in Technology Leadership Video - Being a leader
    What it takes to succeed

    Creating Opportunities

    Women in Technology Leadership Video - Creating opportunities
    Insight about how to get more women in leadership positions
  • Starting Early

    Women in Technology - Starting early
    Advice to girls and young women about pursuing a career in technology

    Climbing the Ladder

    Women in Technology - Climbing the ladder
    Advice to women who aspire to lead companies in the technology world
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  • A Message from SVB’s CIO, Beth Devin

    Beth Devin  

    As a Chief Information Officer, I often find myself the only woman in the room, which is why I was not surprised by the results of our global survey of innovation companies this year. We asked, “Does your company have women on your board or at the c-level?” More than 1,200 executives around the world responded. More than half said "no."

    We decided to talk to some of the female executives at our technology and life science clients and in our network to hear their perspectives. They work for some of the most disruptive and innovative companies in the world, so we knew they would have some interesting experiences and insights to share.

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