• Innovation Economy Outlook 2015

  • Innovation executives are confident about growth in 2015

    Entrepreneurs and executives around the world expect higher revenues, larger workforces and improving business conditions in 2015. But they’re realistic about the challenges ahead. Their responses to SVB’s Innovation Economy Outlook 2015 survey reveal that it’s reality, not over-exuberance, that’s driving their optimism. Find out what’s on innovators’ minds and what’s ahead for their businesses in our exclusive reports.

    Innovation economic outlook 2015 Talent report

    Attracting and retaining talent

    Employees think beyond the paycheck

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    Innovation economic outlook 2015 US Policy

    U.S. public policy

    Innovation leaders ask government to support, not hinder, progress

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    Innovation economic outlook 2015 UK Outlook

    UK outlook

    Leaders prepare for a marathon, not a sprint, in pursuit of success

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