• Entrepreneur Services Group

  • As a technology or life science entrepreneur, your success starts with a brilliant idea — but it's your network that makes the idea take off. Silicon Valley Bank helps accelerate startups' success with knowledge and connections that help your business soar.

    You're an entrepreneur working tirelessly to turn your vision into a viable business. But you can't do it alone. Whether you need feedback on the business idea, help connecting to the right investors, or just want to better understand the current investment environment, Silicon Valley Bank can help.

    For almost 30 years, Silicon Valley Bank has been helping technology, life science and cleantech entrepreneurs grow into successful, sustainable companies. Innovation entrepreneurism is in our DNA. More than any other bank, we understand the challenges you face and provide the support you need to grow your business from an idea to wherever your vision takes you.

    Supporting Entrepreneurs as They Grow

    • Raising your next round. We can help you attract venture capital or angel financing, connect with key influencers, and position yourself for success.
    • Vital connections. SVB's unparalleled network can help you connect to the resources you need, from payroll and HR benefits providers to legal and accounting firms, temporary CFOs and more.
    • Exclusive events. Through events such as SVB Showcase, we can provide invaluable opportunities for you to meet potential investors and expand your network.
    • Knowledge and access. Markets are constantly changing and you need to keep up. Whether you're a first-time or serial entrepreneur, SVB's educational events and publications can help keep you connected and informed.

    Call today to learn more about how Silicon Valley Bank can help you bring your vision to fruition.