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SVB's custom corporate investment strategies balance your risk tolerance with desired returns — so your money works harder for your business

Especially in today's economic environment, businesses must work hard to protect their assets while leveraging the capital they do have to invest to fuel company growth. Silicon Valley Bank knows that an effective corporate investment strategy must meet your objectives of preserving capital, maintaining liquidity and achieving competitive return — and we have helped our clients to successfully invest with this balance even through tumultuous years.

Silicon Valley Bank's experienced advisors collaborate with you to develop a solution that balances your risk tolerance with your goal of competitive returns. From self-directed investment products such as money market funds to professionally managed portfolios, we can devise strategies to help maintain cash flow while taking advantage of opportunities that can make your money work harder.

SVB Asset Management

Delegate oversight of your customized portfolio to a professional investment management team that actively monitors the fixed income markets and invests your excess cash balances within the parameters set by your company's investment policy. Learn more about Silicon Valley Bank's SEC-registered investment advisor affiliate, SVB Asset Management.

Repurchase Agreement Program

The SVB Repurchase Agreement Program (Repo), designed for our venture capital and private equity companies, allows clients to enter into secure, overnight investments. A Repo transaction is a loan from the investor to the financial institution with the financial institution providing securities to collateralize the loan. At maturity, principal and interest are credited to the investor upon return of securities daily.

Contact us to see how SVB's expert advisors can design a portfolio of investment solutions that help you minimize risk and maximize opportunity.


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SVB Asset Management




Investment products and services are offered through SVB Securities, a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary, member FINRA/SIPC and asset management services are offered through SVB Asset Management, a non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank and registered investment advisor. Products offered by SVB Securities and SVB Asset Management are not FDIC insured, are not deposits or other obligations of Silicon Valley Bank, and may lose value. Repurchase transactions are offered through Silicon Valley Bank and are not covered by SIPC or FDIC insured, are not deposits or other obligations of Silicon Valley Bank, and may lose value.