Strategies for Growth Beyond Series A: eBook

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A Guide for Founders and CEOs: Strategies Beyond Series A

This interactive eBook features six articles (with audio play) addressing challenges facing today’s founders and CEOs after they receive their Series A funding. It offers three real-world client stories including Troy Bannister, co-Founder and CEO at Particle Health (healthtech), Even Walker, founder and CEO at Route (marketplaces) and Meirav Oren, at Versatile (tech). Read featured commentary from guest founders and venture capitalists and receive tangible recommendations to consider or put into action.

• What to Expect from Your Lead Investor

• Turning VC Capital Into Fuel to Accelerate Growth Strategy

• Managing Cash Flow After Series A Funding

• How a Construction Tech Company Uses Series A Funding to Drive Growth

• Metrics that Matter: Goal Setting and Accountability Post Series A

• Accelerate Growth: When Speed Matters More than Runway

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