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Trade Cycle Financing Solutions

Make Your Capital Work Harder When You Do Business Overseas

Selling across borders into new markets or sourcing from international suppliers may be key to your company’s growth. SVB helps ease the cash management challenges of these longer, riskier transactions with our trade cycle financing solutions. Let us help optimize your working capital requirements so you have the cash on hand to scale up your sales and revenues.

  • Free up cash from inventory and receivables. Trade cycle financing makes funds immediately available while you wait for payments from your customers.
  • Strengthen partnerships. Negotiate better terms with suppliers, or offer extended terms to customers by financing your international sales and purchases.
  • Manage risk. Our advisors can help find solutions that protect you if trading partners don’t meet their obligations to make timely payments or shipments.

SVB knows international business.

Take advantage of our experience working with growing companies that do business overseas. We understand your timelines, your inventory cycles and your working capital requirements.

Our seasoned team delivers personalized service, from advising you on how to choose the right financing solution to support a specific transaction through arranging your funding. SVB advisors combine an international outlook with small-bank agility, so we can move quickly to help you take advantage of opportunities.

Trade Cycle Financing Options

Your SVB advisor can match your international business requirements with the right type of financing. Our offerings include:

  • Export Loans – can cover up to the full price of an overseas sale
  • Bankers’ Acceptances – can be used to finance inventory purchases or make discounted early payments
  • Letters of Credit – mitigate risk by protecting against non-payment or non-delivery
  • Bid Bonds/Performance Bonds – offer assurance that your business can meet its commitments as a supplier of a good or service
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