• SVB Capital

  • You rely on superior returns from your alternative investments. SVB Capital brings you the best in private venture investing.

    Founded on our nearly 30-year commitment to the venture and growth capital markets, SVB Capital oversees SVB Financial Group's portfolio of managed venture capital and private equity funds and investments. We leverage our deep industry relationships, unique knowledge of venture capital, disciplined analysis, and unrivaled access to proprietary deal flow to identify the best opportunities in the venture class. As a result, SVB Capital can construct concentrated portfolios that are well positioned to achieve superior investment results.

    SVB Capital began investing SVB Financial Group's own capital in 1995 and established its own third-party funds in 2000. Our investors have committed more than $2.5 billion to our funds, which include diversified venture capital fund investment and direct investment programs, including separate accounts, that invest in both the U.S. and international markets, especially Asia. Each program has a differentiated, clearly defined strategy, leading to a concentrated portfolio in the best managers and companies in Venture Capital.

    Leverage our deep expertise to access the best in private venture investing.

    SVB Capital Funds

    • Venture capital fund of funds
    • Direct Investments
    • Dedicated accounts