• Merchant Services

  • Expand your sales footprint.

    Offer your customers the utmost in flexible payment options – in U.S. dollar or other local currencies – online, in-person, phone, or by mobile device. Whether you're setting up your first merchant account or require a payment processor with virtually no volume constraints, consider SVB.

    • Enjoy a turnkey suite of end-to-end payment processing solutions that enable e-commerce, B2B sales, retail, and recurring subscription models
    • Reduce payment float by accepting cards; guaranteed funds faster than check payments
    • Gain an international competitive edge by accepting over 85 country-specific payment methods in local currencies
    • Stay on top of your business with real time, web-based reporting giving you full visibility into transaction details, an online chargeback management tool, and access more than seven years of transaction history
    • Ensure PCI compliance and mitigate fraud through a trusted payment processing solution
    • Access technical assistance for complex troubleshooting 24/7, every day of the year

    Get highly personalized, expert guidance to structure the best customized solution for your specific business and reporting needs. SVB Merchant Services offers:


    Quickly and easily accept card payments on the go by iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry® or Android™ device, from anywhere with network coverage or a wireless connection. SVB's smartphone payment application offers a single-source card payment method that is simple, safe and secure.

    • Process mobile payments through a secure "virtual terminal" system which is encrypted, complies with standard processing rules, and is PCI compliant
    • Enter card transactions manually or by swiping using an optional card reader which functions with most smartphones and tablets – no need for a dedicated wireless card terminal
    • Print or email receipt – customers can sign for their purchases right on the iPhone or Android mobile device followed by an email receipt. A compatible portable printer is available for most devices to generate hard-copy receipts.
    • Track new and recurring customer activity straight from your mobile phone

    International Card Processing

    Drive international sales further by accepting Visa® and MasterCard® transactions in your customers' local currencies, American Express® transactions in euro and British pound — and over 85 other country-specific payment methods in cardholders' currencies.

    • Settle and deposit in your preferred currency and deposit those funds in U.S. dollar or other supported currencies into your SVB Multi-Currency Account or other in-country account
    • Lower processing expenses by paying domestic or interregional interchange rates than international rates, and minimize cross-border fees assessed to your customers
    • Reduce foreign exchange risk with refunds processed in the same currency as the original transaction
    • Benefit from simple API integration, easing implementation and conversion effort for your IT resources
    • Limit risk and ensure PCI compliance through rigorous online fraud controls

    Intelligent Solutions

    • Dynamic DBA Descriptors — Use multiple doing-businesses (DBA) names through a single account for more accurate statements and disclosure resulting in fewer disputes
    • Automated Reversals — Automatically reverse an authorization when you settle transactions for less than the amount authorized, void unsettled transactions, or process partial refunds
    • Tokenization of Cardholder Data — Process payments without storing cardholder information on your system, eliminating data storage risk and supports PCI compliance
    • Smart Interchange — Qualify transactions for the lowest possible interchange rates, reducing your transaction costs
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