Jason Kobus

Based in Orange County, California, Jason Kobus is managing director of platform strategy. As an entrepreneur and application program interface (API) evangelist, Jason delivers solutions that integrate digital banking with accounting and fintech platforms. His expertise in technology implementation, product co-development and risk management gives SVB clients the nimble financial tools they need to do what they do best: innovate.

Since joining SVB in 2008, Jason has fueled founders, disrupters and visionaries. He deployed SVB Direct Connect, the bank’s first data API platform, which simplifies bank reconciliation for entrepreneurs and accountants with leading accounting and fintech applications. He then launched an API banking platform that combined startup ingenuity with a scalable API gateway. Jason delivered digital onboarding that opens commercial bank accounts and supplies online banking user IDs in less than two minutes.

Previously, Jason served as a senior consultant at Deloitte in San Francisco, where he advised clients around enterprise risk and where he also worked as a technology and privacy auditor. Earlier in his career, as a systems engineer at Merrill Lynch, he specialized in secure infrastructure integration for M&A, high-availability trading and third-party product integrations. Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) in London, Ontario, as well as several technical, cybersecurity and auditor certifications.

Jason lives with his wife and three children in Southern California, where, as an active participant in Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, he sells a lot of popcorn and cookies in between camping adventures. He also cooks (well) and runs (not enough to offset his baking skills) and is learning to surf (poorly).
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