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Expertise that embraces your business and personal finances

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You put everything into your business: your heart, your soul—even your personal finances. We help business owners like you build balance into your strategy so you can efficiently finance growth, manage personal income, and find tailored lending options. Whether your focus is growth or preparing to hand the reins to the next generation, we have the broad and deep experience you need.

We offer a consultative experience to planning that’s completely centered around you and your unique needs.
Your interests, our thinking
Maximizing cash flow for your business

With access to expert knowledge coupled with innovative solutions, you can maximize your cash flow all while minimizing any kind of administrative burden.

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Transferring a business to your children

You've spent years building your company—now you're thinking about your legacy and how your family may play a role.

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Are you contemplating or about to sell your business?

Pre-transaction considerations to prepare for life post-sale.

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Answers for business owners like you
Your finances deserve a holistic approach. Learn more about how we can support you with wealth planning.
You may be able to use leverage in creative ways to seize opportunity. Learn more about how we can support you with business lending.
Services such as remote deposit, sweep, Automated Clearing House, and domestic and foreign exchange wire transfers can help your business operate smoothly. Learn more about how we can support you with treasury management.
Creating an opportunity for long-term financial security for your employees is just good business. Learn more about how we can support you with retirement advisory services.
Your advisor is your collaborative partner and draws upon our specialized experts to provide the deeply informed advice and guidance you are looking for. Learn more about an individual advisor and our teams.

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David Cohen
What’s different about SVB is the personal touch. You feel like a VIP. Anything that you need is taken care of quickly. The hassle factor is way down because of the personal nature of the bank.
David Cohen Founder, TechStars
Sharon Wienbar
To me, by far the most valuable thing about SVB is the incredible service level. Everybody is highly attentive, detail-oriented and helps out whenever I have an issue.
Sharon Wienbar Partner, Scale Venture Partners
Adam Romanow
We need a responsive banking partner...and that's something that SVB Private gives us.
Adam Romanow Founder, Castle Island Brewing

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