Private Bank Digital Banking FAQs

Account and Statement Information

What is my account number and routing number?

  • Account number: login, click on account, click downward arrow to expand ‘Account Details’ and view full ten-digit account number

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How do I nickname my accounts?

  1. Log into online banking and select ‘My Settings’.

  2. From here, you select ‘Rename & Hide your accounts’ at the bottom under the ‘Other settings’ section. Kindly note these account nicknames will be viewable only to you.

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How do I view my statements and tax forms online?

  • By default, your statements and tax forms will be sent via mail.

  • If you would like to access your statement and tax forms online, then log into online banking, select ‘Additional Services’, then ‘Online Statements’ and agree to the terms and conditions that are presented.

  • To view your online statements and tax forms, go to the same location inside Online banking Additional Services -> Online Statements.

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Money Movement

When is the bill payment sent electronically vs via check?


You can always tell if a bill payee you entered will be paid electronically vs via check.

  • The ‘Envelope’ symbol indicates the payment will be sent by check. Check payment can take 7-10 days or longer to arrive depending on mail speed and when recipient cashes the check. Please schedule your payment far enough in advance to ensure timely delivery.

  • The ‘Lightning’ symbol indicates the payment will be sent electronically. Electronic payments usually post within 1-2 business days.


How do I initiate a domestic wire transfer and save a wire template?

  1. Log into online banking and select ‘Move Money’

  2. One Time Domestic Wires:

    1. Select ‘Make A Payment’

    2. Input wire details

    3. Schedule wire

  3. Wire Templates (for repeated wires to a beneficiary)

    1. Select ‘Manage Payment Templates’

    2. Input wire beneficiary details

    3. Save template

    4. Initiate a wire if needed

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How do I initiate a foreign exchange or international USD wire?

  1. Log into online banking and select ‘Move Money’

  2. Choose ‘International/Foreign Currency Wire’ under the ‘Transfers’ header

  3. Input wire details

  4. Submit wire

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What are the wire cut off times?

  • Domestic Wire Deadline: 1:30pm PT each business day
  • International Wire Deadline: 11:00am PT each business day

Any wires received after the deadline will be processed the next business day.

How do I link my external accounts to SVB to fund my account?

  1. Log into online banking and select ‘Move Money’

  2. Choose ‘External Transfers’

  3. Select ‘Transfer Between My Accounts’

  4. Click ‘Add a New Account’

    1. Verify external account instantly using credentials

    2. Use test deposits to verify account in 2-3 business days

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How do I order checks for the first time vs. reorder?

  • First-time check order: please contact your dedicated relationship team who can assist you with a first-time check order. Please indicate the last 4 digits of the account for which you would like a check order as well as the address to imprint on the checks, mailing address to which to send the checks and the preferred shipping speed (USPS 11-14 business days or UPS 5-7 business days).

  • Check reorders: login, click ‘Check Reorder’ and proceed with order

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Profile Updates

How do I change my physical address, mailing address?


Please contact your dedicated relationship team with your new physical and/or mailing address. Kindly be sure to indicate which individuals, trusts and business entities in your household to which this address change applies.

How do I update my phone number and email address?

  • Log into online banking and select ‘My Settings’. From here, you can conveniently update both your email address and phone number
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  • Alternatively, please contact your dedicated relationship team with your new phone number or email address


How are online banking and mobile banking different?


Online banking is the website-based digital banking experience. The following functions are only available in Online Banking:

  • Alerts & Notification Preferences

  • Check Re-Order

  • Domestic Wires

  • External Transfers

  • Foreign/International Wires

  • Online Statements & Tax Forms

  • Quicken/Quickbooks Direct Connect

  • Share Access with Others

  • Stop Payment

Mobile banking is the digital banking experience in the mobile application. Please go to the appropriate App Store and download the app named “SVB Private Bank” for access.

The following functions are only available in Mobile Banking:

  • Mobile Check Deposit

The following functions are available in both Online banking and Mobile banking:

  • Account Summary

  • Bill Pay

  • Internal Transfers

  • Money Management

  • P2P via PopMoney

  • Profile settings

How do I get additional support?


If you have additional questions, you can either contact your dedicated relationship team or click “Support” in the top right-hand corner, which will display the Private Bank’s phone number, email, and our business hours.