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Sending wires in the Business Client Edition

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

Business clients have the capability to send domestic and international wire transfers. Read on to learn how.

Positive pay - how to include business bill pay paper checks

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

Business Bill Pay service initiates payments either electronically or via paper check. If paper checks are issued from the Boston Private account and there is Positive Pay on the account, those checks will need to be uploaded into Positive Pay.

Uploading positive pay issue files in digital banking

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

If you are a Positive Pay User, you can now upload Check Issued Files directly from Digital Banking without having to launch the Advanced Options screen, saving you valuable time each day.

PPP what documents do I need to provide?

Resource Library Category (General)

An overview of what documents you need to provide to support your PPP forgiveness application, and where to upload those documents in SVB Private’s PPP Forgiveness Portal.

Reverse positive pay

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

We are happy to announce that on November 1st, 2021 we are enhancing our Positive Pay offering to include Reverse Positive Pay! Read more about it here.

Digital Banking security controls for business clients

Resource Library Category (Account Security)

We have established the following standard Digital Banking security controls that you should be familiar with.

Paying bills from multiple entities

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

If your Digital Banking enrollment includes accounts from multiple taxable entities and you would like to pay bills from each, here are your options.

Business user management

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

Learn how to manage users in the Business Edition of Digital Banking.

Enabling Business Users for Wires

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

Learn how to enable Business Users for Wires.

Positivepay - uploading a check issued file

Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)

Read these instructions to learn how to upload a check issued file in PositivePay.