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Foreign Exchange Rate Widget


Foreign Exchange Rate Widget

A new widget is available for Corporate Users to quickly calculate FX rates directly from the Home Screen. The widget appears on the right rail for users who are entitled to International Wires.

Foreign Exchange Rate Widget

Using the Widget

FX rates change daily and are loaded into Digital Banking every business day. To calculate a rate, select the appropriate currency from the dropdown menu.

Currency Drop Down Menu

Enter the amount of the foreign currency in the Amount field and then click on “Calculate Rate”. The corresponding USD amount will appear in the widget.

Enter Amount and Calculate Rate

Start an international wire directly from the widget by clicking on “Start Wire Payment”.

Start Wire Payment

The currency will propagate into the wire form. 

Currency transfers to Int'l Wire Payment screen

Click on the down arrow to collapse the widget.

Foreign Exchange FX Rates

Maintaining Widgets on the Home Screen

Widgets can be enabled/disabled on the Home Screen by navigating to “Settings” on the main menu and selecting “Home Page Preferences”.

Settings and Home Page Preferences menu options

Select preferred widgets to be displayed on the Home Screen.

Select Preferred Widget for the Home screen