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Multi-wire payment creation

This features only available in Corporate Edition of Digital Banking.
    1. Select the ‘Transfers & Payments’ menu and then select ‘Payments & Wires’.
    2. Select ‘New Payment’ and then ‘Domestic Wire’ or ‘International Wire’ from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select the check box next to ‘Use same Subsidiary for all wires’ if the same subsidiary will be needed for all wire transfers.
    4. Select the check box next to ‘Use same Account for all wires’ if the same offset account will be needed for all wire transfers.
    5. Select the check box next to ‘Use same Date for all wires’ if all wire transfers need to be processed on the same date.
      NOTE: Subsidiary, Account and Date can be individually selected for each wire by leaving the corresponding check box unchecked.

    6. Optional: Click ‘Set schedule’ to set up the wires as recurring transactions.
    7. Select how often the transaction should repeat.
    8. Designate when the transaction should stop.
      1. Click the ‘Forever (Until I cancel)’ to setup an indefinite recurrence.
      2. Click the calendar and select a date to designate a specific date to stop the recurrence.
    9. Click ‘Save’ to save the recurrence setup.
    10. Click the ‘Show payment actions’ icon next to each wire transfer to display available action options.
    11. Click the ‘+Add multiple recipients’ link to select multiple recipients at one time.
    12. Select the desired recipients and click ‘Add’ when done.
    13. Click the ‘+Add another wire’ link to add an individual wire transfer.
    14. Select an existing recipient from the drop- down menu or select ‘+New Recipient’ to create a new recipient.
      NOTE: Reference the Recipient Management’ setup document for information regarding the setup of a new recipient.

      NOTE: The yellow bar on the left of the table will turn green for each wire transfer once all required fields have been entered.
    15. Review the information on the screen for accuracy and then select ‘Approve’ to authorize the wires or ‘Draft’ to only draft them.