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Disabling blocked cookies to access bill pay

The following issue only applies to users receiving a Blocked Cookies warning. This is prevalent in Apple's Safari browser, but can occur in other browsers depending on your security settings.

If you are experiencing a "Blocked Cookies" warning message, you may need to change your browser settings for your system to be compatible with our Bill Pay service.

Please select the browser below to view how to change your settings.


Users of Safari 13.3 may not be able to access Bill Pay regardless of the settings change noted below. This is a known issue with our Bill Pay provider that is working aggressively to update their systems to be compatible with Apple's latest security settings that Apple has chosen to not let their users override.

Step 1 - Select Preferences from the Safari Menu

Step 2 - Select the Security Tab

Step 3 - Uncheck "Prevent Cross Site Tracking" and "Block all Cookies" options

Step 4 - Close Preferences Tab

Step 5 - Log out of Digital Banking and login again, then click on Bill Pay in the menu.

In Chrome for Windows, select the three dot menu at the upper right of any Chrome window. On Mac OSX, select the Chrome Menu and choose Preferences.

Step 1 - On the left side of the setting screen, click on Advanced and then Privacy and Security

Step 2 - Select Site Settings

Step 3 - Select Cookies and Site Data

Step 4 - Set the following:

  • Allow sites to save and read cookie data - ON (required)
  • Clear Cookies and site data when you quit Chrome - OFF (optional, but recommended)
  • Block Third Party Cookies - OFF (required)

Step 5 - Log out and back into Digital Banking and click on the Bill Pay menu.