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Decision by Amount


Want to have an added level of security for checks that are high dollar amounts? This can be accomplished in Positive Pay by setting up a dollar threshold whereby checks over a certain amount will create an exception and need to be decisioned. Decisions for checks over the threshold will be required even if the check is matched successfully against the uploaded issued check for all other payee match criteria (check number, amount and payee name). Any items that have not been decisioned by the cutoff time will default to the pay or return status that was indicated on the enrollment paperwork.


How do I sign up?

To add Decision by Amount to your Positive Pay service, indicate the threshold on the Positive Pay enrollment form. The account must be enabled for regular positive pay in order to exception on the amount. The threshold is set at the client level so will apply to all accounts on Positive Pay. Any checks over the threshold will be released to the client with an exception reason of “PAYEE MATCH OVER AMOUNT LIMIT”. All checks, regardless of amount, will be matched against the issued check files as normal within Positive Pay with exceptions being created for amount mismatch, payee name mismatch, paid no issue, duplicate check number, and stale dated check.