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What is ClickSWITCH?

ClickSWITCH makes it easy for you to quickly and securely switch your recurring direct deposits and automatic payments from your previous financial institution account to your SVB account. Using ClickSWITCH eliminates the hassle of contacting all of your billers or depositors to make the changes.

How does it work?

Access the option for Payment Switching within Digital Banking. Input your payment and direct deposit information, select the new SVB account you’ll be switching to, then submit the switch. We’ll take care of the rest.

Getting Started

You’ll want to gather all of your automatic payment and direct deposit information to get your switches started. A helpful source of information is a previous bank statement. Get started by logging in to Digital Banking and selecting Payment Switch under the Requests section of the menu.
Select Payment Switch on the menu

Initiating a Switch

For switching your Direct Deposits or Recurring Payments, select one of these the options on the screen.
Choose either direct deposit or recurring payments

If you already know your account information, select ENTER DIRECT DEPOSIT DETAILS or ENTER RECURRING PAYMENT DETAILS. In the Direct Deposit example below, you would enter the name of the company that pays you in the search box. Select the appropriate option and hit Continue.
Box to enter who pays you

Select the SVB account where you would like the deposit to go.
select account to deposit to

The next screen will vary based on the options offered by the company paying you. Below are a couple of common examples utilized for selecting the amount.
Example 1:
example of selecting a split type for the amount
Example 2:
example of adding account and deposit options

You may be required to enter some identifying information like an Employee ID Number or the last four digits of your SSN. Each company will have their own specified requirements.
Screen for entering identifying information

After entering all required information, select Continue. The system will ask you to confirm the information and submit.
confirmation screen

After the switch has been submitted a success message will appear. Note: After a switch is submitted it can’t be edited or deleted.
success message after switch is submitted


If you are unsure of the details for your Direct Deposit or Recurring Payments, Switch Assist can help. Select USE SWITCH ASSIST to log in to your previous financial institution’s online banking account.
Option to use Switch Assist

Search for the bank where your account is located.
list of banks to search from

Enter your login credentials for the institution to review your direct deposit or recurring payment information.
login screen for your previous bank

The system will assist with identifying potential recurring transactions that you may want to switch.

Viewing Existing Switches

To view existing Switches select VIEW EXISTING SWITCHES.
view existing switches

The system will display your Switches and their currect status. Depending on the status of the SWITCH, there will be options to select.
Existing switches display with statuses

Select the eye icon to view the request form that was created to send to the company. This is available for switches that are Ready to Submit (sample of the form to be sent is displayed) or are Submitted-Processing.

View request form

Example of a form:
sample of a switch form

Select the pencil icon to Edit the Switch. This is available for switches that have not been submitted yet.
selecting the pencil icon to edit

Select the trash can icon to delete the switch. Depending on the status this option may not be available.
selecting the trashcan icon to delete a switch

If the switch is ready to go but hasn’t been submitted yet you can select the icon with the arrow to submit the switch.

select arrow icon to submit the switch